Heritage Leather Lead 1mx12mm


The classic Ancol Heritage Leather Lead is a timeless and hardy accessory for your dog. Each lead is stamped with the 'Heritage' mark that indicates Ancol's leather history and assures our customers the lead has been made by our skilled workforce in the UK. This robust lead is made from the finest-quality bridle leather making it both supple and strong, meaning the lead is long-lasting but also comfortable in the hand. The leather's quality and beauty is showcased by the lead's clean and unfussy design.  The lead is completed with a trigger hook for easy attachment to a collar. 

The Ancol Heritage Leather Lead is available in two traditional colours: tan or red.

Heritage Leather collars are available from Ancol in the same style and colour to complement the Ancol Heritage Leather Lead. 

This lead measures 1mx12mm and has a recommended maximum weight of 20kg. 

Heritage Leather Ancol 1m x 12mm Leads in Tan or Red. Matching Collar Available

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